近期,网上疯传会计将被从SOL里移除,这个传闻起源于AWPA (Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency) 发布的一个Flagged Occupation列表包含了Accountant 221111。AWPA是一个调研机构,每年给移民局提供建议,对于SOL上的职业进行调整。不过要注意的是,AWPA只是一个建议机构,最终的决定权在移民局。 Flagged Occupation是什么意思呢?根据AWPA的说法,这些Flagged的职业都是面临饱和,也许会在未来被移除的职业(原文是AWPA has flagged a number of occupations which were borderline in terms of their inclusion on the SOL. These occupations may be removed in future years subject to monitoring of the labour market, education and migration data and evidence from stakeholders in relation to future oversupply issues, migration outcomes and areas of specific need.)但是这个列表flag了超过50个职业,包括了IT,工程,精算,绘图师等很多职业,并不单单是会计。

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