Will the accounting profession be removed from migration lists?

Recently, there was a rumour regarding Accountant 221111 being removed from the Skilled Occupational List (SOL) and added to the Flagged Occupation. This information was released by the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA).
AWPA is a research firm, advising the Department of Immigration each year for adjustments to be made in the SOL. However, the final decision falls into the hand of the Department.


So, what does flagged occupation means?
According to a statement AWPA, these Flagged careers are facing saturation, and they may be removed in the future. AWPA has flagged a number of occupations which were borderline in terms of their inclusion on the SOL. These occupations may be removed in future years subjected to monitoring of the labour market, education and migration data and evidence from stakeholders in relation to future oversupply issues, migration outcomes and areas of specific need. But this list flagged up over 50 occupations, including IT, engineering , actuarial, cartographers, and many other occupations, not just accounting.

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