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8 safety tips for students travelling at night

     Recently, there have been incidents of international students being targets for burglary whilst travelling back home at night after work or study.

     Victoria Police has affirmed that these cases were unplanned and unrelated. Offenders have been identified and arrested to protect Melbourne’s safety as the world’s most liveable city.

     However, to mitigate the risks, here are the 8 tips that you can follow:

  1. Ask local friends about places to avoid, especially at night

  2. Keep valuable possessions out of sight and be aware of surroundings on public transport

  3. Travel in the front carriage near the driver when the train is almost empty

  4. Check transport timetables in advance, to help avoid long waits. Stand in well lit areas

  5. Walk in well-lit areas, even if this means you must walk a longer distance

  6. Avoid short cuts through dark, isolated areas

  7. If you feel threatened in any way when walking, go to a shop or house (with lights on at night) – and ask a person to phone police

  8. Avoid using cash machines when you’re in an isolated area at night

     Watch this short video and see if you can spot all the risks lurking around.

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