Celebrating Moon Festival in Melbourne. Everything you need to know.

Moon festival happens annually on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, which is why some folks call it Mid-Autumn festival. This year festival is on the 15th of September, which will happen in two week from now.


So why would people celebrate this date ?
What make it so special that over 10 Asian countries to celebrate this festival ?

Mid Autumn festival is originated from China, revolving around three folk tales and moon worshiping habit from ancient time.


The first tale is about the hero Hou Ji, who shot down nine suns by arrows to save people from suffering, and his beautiful wife Chang’e. Her life was threatened so she unwillingly drank the heaven elixir and fly to the moon leaving her husband behind. People worship Chang’e as a goddess and pay respect to the couple’s abandoned love.


The second tale mention a mortal lazy man wanting to be immortal, his name is Wu Gang. The God challenged him to cut down a cherry bay tree on the moon and win immortality as return. Legend said if you look at the full moon you can still see his shadow trying to cut the tree down.


The last tale is about a rabbit with a big heart. There was a rabbit willingly to sacrifice itself to save an old man’s life, whom was God in disguise. Moving by the rabbit’s action, God granting it a life on heaven (the moon)


Every year on Mid Autumn day, people gather together to celebrate peace, union and friendship. Moon festival is from families and friends to gather around, wishing each other good luck, good health and enjoy moon cake with a cup of hot tea.   If you are alone in Melbourne or away from family, don’t worry, you can still enjoy this cheerful festival. Just grab a couple of friends, Asian, locals or international, the more the merrier. Choose between these locations below and give it a try.


VISS Full moon festival 2016: Friday, September 9 4.30PM – 11PM
Location: John Street, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia 3122


Dandenong Full moon Festival 2016: Sunday September 18 at 10AM – 4PM
Location: Corner Clow & Cleeland Street Dandenong, VIC 3175

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