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ELITE TALKS INC. is a non-profit organisation registered in 2015 with the Government of Victoria, Australia. We organise activities and annual forums for the youth community, aiming to support and facilitate experience-sharing among young adults. We place strong value in sharing knowledge as the best way to make experience more meaningful. That is the key reason for ELITE TALKS to connect leaders’ priceless experience with their stories to people.

Our value: “Conversation creates Possibilities”.

Our mission: “Creating a platform for sharing all stories with warmth”.


ELITE TALKS invites guests with great leadership, mainly focusing on direct conversation. The panel is set up in formal and professional but friendly and discussion oriented environment. Each participant has the opportunity to directly ask questions and discuss with the guests. All conversations are face-to-face in an open manner, which is a great opportunity to learn from each other’s experience and knowledge.

Guest speakers at ELITE TALKS forums consist of people of leading positions in banking and investment industry, successful young business owners as well as other high-profile individuals from diverse fields such as education, news and media, architecture and social works. Through their stories, we hope to communicate positive values, share experience, provide networking opportunities and inspire the younger generation to strive for their dream.

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After being launched, ELITE TALKS has received a great deal of support from RMIT, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ ) , China Southern Airlines , and CPA. Until now, Elite Talks has been successfully organised different annual events:


2017 • ELITE TALKS • “Start Up or Climb Up”

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DATE: 24th September 2017

LOCATION: 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

The ELITE TALKS 2017 aimed to provide a platform for organisations to present career pathway and further education opportunities to International students, graduates, and job seekers who wish to increase their skills and employment prospects. With the theme “Start up or Climb up”, ELITE TALKS 2017 was dedicated to provide insights into the 2 main possible career pathways for graduates: (1) to CLIMB the corporate ladder by working in established firms or organisations or (2) to START their dream business by being an entrepreneur.

The tips for success was delivered by experienced Vietnamese in Australia. The event was meant to awaken the burning passion and inspire the young generation to pursue the most suitable pathway for their career development.

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2016 • SPRING MINI TALKS • Dream, Lost, and Found

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DATE: 9th October 2016

LOCATION: Clarendon Auditorium -Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center

The event was a remarkable milestone as it was the first ELITE TALKS event devoted for Vietnamese audiences. With the theme “Dream, Lost, and Found”, ELITE TALKS Spring 2016 was aimed to deliver real stories and experiences of successful Vietnamese Australians, in anticipation of inspiring and motivating the young generations to fire their own career and success. The three words in this theme also represent all 3 main topics included:

  • Dream – Chase your dreams with no fear!
  • Lost – Not all those who wander are lost!
  • Found – A direction can always be found!

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2016 • Autumn Talk

DATE: 15th May 2016


Different to Spring Talk , Autumn Talks highlighted the public facts , entertainment – oriented topics, not only industry employment. At 1:30PM on 15th May 2016 , ELITE TALKS began fall admission, the audience number was unexpectedly on time, queing from the receptionist desk on the second floor to the first floor. After the event, there were more than 10,000 reads on Wechat, over 1,000 registration , and more than 700 participants. The forum applied a new interactive mode, which eliminated barriers between speakers and the audience , and once again extended the time for discussion, so the audience would have more opportunity to have the face-to-face discussion.


2015 • Spring Talk • ELITE TALKS First Launch

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DATE: September 2016


Spring Talk 2015 is the first event launched by Elite Talks. The number of attendance was also over-expected as there were more than 400 applications received within only 6 hours of public registration. Spring Talk 2015 captured great public attention on social media with 10,000 website visits, more than 180,000 reading time on Weibo, over 800 registration, and over 600 participants.

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