‘GREAT VICTORY’ for Migrants: Citizenship Bill is NOT Approved


Many migrants from different origins have been ‘restless’ since April 20 this year, the day the Turnbull government announces an overhaul of Australia’s citizenship laws in April this year. Under the new draft law, migrants were required to be in Australia for 4 years as permanent residents instead of 1 year. The government also wanted them to score 6 Bands on International English Language Testing Systems exam (IELTS). And when the reserve law has not become a formal law, the government claims that registrations from April 20, 2012 will be reviewed under the new law with 7 more synchronized requests!

Migrants across Australia are celebrating what they term a “huge win” for them and multicultural Australia on Wednesday 18/10/2017 when Shadow Minister for Citizenship Tony Burke announced the government’s citizenship was struck from the notice paper of the Senate. He said:

“This is a great victory for every person who wants to pledge allegiance to this country and make a commitment to Australia,” Mr Burke said in the Senate.

“The delay would mean that for some people may wait more than a decade before they make a pledge to Australia has been rejected. The demand for university level has been rejected”

Migrants who were going to be affected by the proposed changes are calling it a “great victory”.

Mr Burke called on those eligible to apply for citizenship under the current law to make an application and advised the government to start processing the citizenship applications

A spokesperson for Mr Dutton has confirmed to SBS News that migrants who have already put in applications for citizenship, and those who still plan to, will be assessed under current requirements rather than the tougher measures announced by the government earlier this year.

Source: SBS



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