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National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI)

NAATI is a company that is jointly owned by the nine governments of Australia. The mission, as outlined in the NAATI Constitution, is to set and maintain high national standards in translating and interpreting to enable the existence of a pool of accredited translators and interpreters responsive to the changing needs and demography of the Australian community.

NAATI accreditation can help people wishing to migrate to Australia in a number of ways:

  • – Through a skills assessment (generally open only to those who have been sponsored by an employer, or nominated by a state or territory government)
  • – By allowing them to claim points for certain qualifications obtained overseas, or for skilled employment as a translator or interpreter, which may be used towards a points-based migration visa
  • – By allowing them to claim Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points, which may be used towards a points-based migration visa


This section contains information about claiming the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points. For other aspects of NAATI, please kindly contact us for more information.

How to claim CCL points?

The two common pathways are:

  • Attempt a translator or interpreter accreditation test directly with NAATI
  • Complete an approved course in Australia (generally only available for a limited range of languages)

For an accreditation test with NAATI, please visit HERE

For the list of approved course in Australia, please visit HERE

Paraprofessional or Professional – Interpreter or Translator

Most people doing a NAATI test for Credentialed Community Language purposes opt for either the Paraprofessional Interpreter test or the Professional Translator test.

Para-professional Interpreter

This represents a level of competence in interpreting for the purpose of general conversations. Paraprofessional Interpreters generally undertake the interpretation of non-specialist dialogues. Practitioners at this level are encouraged to obtain Professional level accreditation

Professional Translator

This represents the minimum level of competence for professional translating and is the minimum level recommended by NAATI for work in settings including banking, law, health, social and community services. Translators at this level work across a wide range of subjects involving documents with specialised content.

Partner institutions

At S&W Consulting Group, we partner with institutions that provide the highest quality approved NAATI courses. In Victoria, we highly recommend students to undertake NAATI courses at either the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) or Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating (SIIT).

Advanced Diploma of Translating (RMIT)

RMIT is a leader in delivering translator training programs that produce work-ready graduates. For general information about RMIT, please visit [RMIT LINK].

The Advanced Diploma of Translating is a professional level translator training program approved by NAATI

  • Course duration: 6 months full-time
  • Language available: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese (Other language might be available bases on interest and minimum enrolments)
  • Location: Melbourne CBD
  • Intake: February & July


Diploma of Interpreting (SIIT)

Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating (SIIT) is a registered training organisation for training interpreters and translators. For general information about SIIT, please visit (SIIT LINK)

The Diploma of Interpreting is a para-professional level interpreter training program approved by NAATI

  • Course duration: 30 weeks  full-time (including 6-weeks break)
  • Language available: Mandarin and English, Cantonese and English, Nepali and English, Punjabi and English, Arabic and English, Hindi and English, Korean and English, Vietnamese and English
  • Location: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Intake: monthly


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