Recent changes in Australian Migration & Visa 2018 – 2019

Changes in Visa requirement

1. Minimum point for Expression of Interest increased from 60 to 65. (Full article)

The Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Immigration and Border Protection issued the latest Legislative Instrument on 25th June 2018 with a big change: “INCREASE the EOI minimum score from 60 to 65 points”.

Starting from 1st July 2018, the visas will be affected by this change include: Skill Independent Visa 189, Skill Nominated Visa 190 and Skill Regional (Provision) Visa 489

2. Application fees for more visas have increased from 1st July 2018


Visa Subclass Base application charge Additional applicant charge18 and over Additional applicant charge under 18
Visitor (Subclass 600) – all streams (exc Frequent Traveller Stream) AUD140 N/A* N/A*
Visitor (Subclass 600) – Frequent Traveller Stream AUD1,045 N/A* N/A*
Student visa (Subclass 500) AUD575 AUD430 AUD140
Temporary Skill Shortage – Short Term Stream (Subclass 482) AUD1,175 AUD1,175 AUD295
Temporary Skill Shortage – Medium Term Stream (Subclass 482) AUD2,455 AUD2,455 AUD615
Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) AUD3,755 AUD1,875 AUD940
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187) AUD3,755 AUD1,875 AUD940
Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189) (Points-Tested) stream AUD3,755 AUD1,875 AUD940
Skilled – Nominated (Subclass 190) AUD3,755 AUD1,875 AUD940
Partner (Subclass 309/100) AUD7,160 AUD3,585 AUD1,795
Partner (Subclass 820/801) AUD7,160 AUD3,585 AUD1,795
Parent (Migrant)(Subclass 103) AUD4,035 AUD2,020 AUD1,010
Bridging visa B AUD145 nil nil
Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) AUD1,535 AUD765 AUD385

Please refer to this link for details of the fee.


3. Global Talent Visa

A new visa pathway that supports business growth by attracting highly-skilled migrant. This visa offers the pathway for business to sponsor highly skilled and specialised workers that are not covered by the TSS Program (482 Visa). More information at

4. Age limit for Partner Skill qualifications.

Previously, GSM applicants (Visa 189, 190, 489) can claim additional 5 points if their spouse / de-facto partner has an eligible occupation, provided the spouse / de-facto partner age is under 50 years old. From 1st July 2018, the age requirement is reduced to 45.

5. Changes to TRA Skill Assessment for Trade Occupation

Changes to Job Ready Journal format:  Job Ready Employment participants are no longer required to provide a task description in their monthly journal entries. From 1 July 2018, the monthly journal will consist of:

  • – A dot point list of the major tasks completed each month.
  • – The tasks should show that a broad range of tasks, expected in the nominated occupation is being undertaken.
  • – A list of any tools and equipment used to perform these tasks.

6. Changes in State Nomination for General Skilled Migration, especially Subclass 190


Canberra has temporarily closed 190 visa nomination for many occupations. The ACT has suspended some occupations, including Accountants and IT professionals. It has also closed state nomination for visa subclass 190 for overseas visa seekers, even those with close ties to Canberra.

The ACT is proposing to introduce a selection-based invitation process where candidates will express an interest in applying for ACT 190 nomination by completing a score-based Canberra Matrix.  The Matrix score will then be ranked each month. Candidates will be selected and invited to apply for ACT 190 nomination.


Tasmanian Graduate (2 years minimum study in Tasmania)

** For applicants who enrolled in a Tasmanian tertiary institution prior to 31 July 2017, to be considered for this category, you must meet the following criteria:

  • – completed and graduated from a CRICOS registered tertiary institution in Tasmania. The course undertaken:
  • – must be either a degree (a bachelor or any higher degree), a diploma, an advanced diploma, or a trade qualification (minimum Cert III level for a skilled occupation in Major Group 3 in ANZSCO)
  • – must have a minimum duration of one academic year (40 weeks)
  • – must be full-time and on-site in Tasmania.
  • – you and your dependents are currently in Tasmania and can provide evidence of genuine commitment to living in Tasmania. Please refer to disclaimer at the bottom of this page for indicators as to how to meet this requirement.
  • – lived in the state for at least 12 months during your period of study (evidence needs to be provided).

Nomination criteria for Working Stream in Tasmania increased from 3 months to 6 months

  • – 190 Visa – Working in nominated occupation for 6 months (35 hours per week)
  • – 489 Visa – Working in an occupation for 6 months (35 hours per week). The special requirement applies for occupation with ANZSCO Skill Level 4 or below


Application for skilled nominated visa 190 is closed until further notice.

  • – Before 1st July 2018, Victoria has a separate stream for ICT application. The application in this stream will not guarantee an assessment from the State Government. The application that get selected will be contacted for application submission.
  • – From 1st July 2018, Nursing, Engineering and Building Occupations are part of this processing stream.

New South Wales

Application for skilled nominated visa 190 is closed until further notice.


BSMQ is now open to receive EOI’s for the General Skilled Migration Program (GSM).

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