Education Team Manager (Melbourne Office)

Desiree (QEAC: J331) is from Shanghai, China, and graduated from RMIT in the double Master degree in the advertising and business. She has a solid knowledge and rich experience in Australian education system, college specialty and skilled migration. Desiree can develop the most efficient and appropriate immigration programs according to the actual. Most customers said that she is not only paying rigorous and efficient but also attention to detail.


Over the years, she has successfully dealt with countless complex cases and helps students on the way to immigrants to find the most satisfying destination. Her high-affinity communication skills and thoughtful service style is to harvest a lot of students and parents trust and praise. As a manager of the S&W education team, she led the team to bring the most professional and satisfactory service for students and parents.

Melbourne Office

Level 12, 356 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Mobile: +61 401 139 991

Telephone: +61 3 9629 6068

Wechat: 2633698275