Co-founder and Director

Wei Wei has been in the Australian immigration industry for 6 years. She would be able rational analysis, seeking the best solution to the different characteristics of different cases and maintaining a high success rate. Finding the best solution for the different case and maintaining a high rate of success are the main reason why Wei Wei is known as the top immigration agent in the industry and trusted by customers.


Wei Wei has an understanding about language and culture constraints facing by oversea students which often challenge students to full play to their talents to achieve the ideal. With a strong compassion to help international students, Wei Wei found S&W as an one-stop service for students from admission to employment, from live to settle in which her team is not only to provide customers with a visa service and admission counselling, but also to provide full package-service from admission to employment, to live.


Wei Wei has a wealth of experience in more than ten years of practice and successfully handles thousands of immigration cases with overseas clients all over the world. In addition, she has established good working relationships with many successful Chinese entrepreneurs and with large Chinese and Australian agencies. With “We can do more” mindset, Wei Wei directs S&W to achieve a professional and planned management to create a satisfactory study immigrant life for clients.

Melbourne Office

Level 12, 356 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

Telephone: +61 3 9629 6068

QQ/Wechat: 1364686877

Email: w.wei@swcg.com.au