This story is from J, a Chinese student graduated from University of Melbourne. After graduation, she was intending to apply for Temporary Visa 485 and was advised by one of her friends that the application is easy and she would be able to do everything by herself. She decided to so and everything was going pretty well until one occasion taken place!

A part-time job asked her to travel to Bali for work while she was waiting for approval of Temporary Visa 485 which she was applying. After having a great working time in Bali, she went back to Australia and got stuck in Bali airport! The reason was that she was applying for Bridging Visa A while waiting for Visa 485 being processed which only grants the applicant to stay legally in Australia but not able to return to the country after leaving. She should be applying for Bridging Visa B instead, in order to go offshore. However, it was out of her depth at that time. Subsequently, J had to come back to China with no other option. Later on, she tried to get back to Australia by the Tourism Visa not knowing that it made her Visa 485 being cancelled as a result. Under depression, she reached SWCG for advice and guidance through the processes to re-apply for the Visa 485, and then successfully being approved in less than a month!




In early 2017, H. from Menzie Institute lodged Student Visa Subclass 500 by himself after finishing year 12 to apply for Bachelor course. Having prepared every necessary documents in the checklist and submitted to the department of immigration before his existing visa expired. Everything was going smoothly until 28 days later, he received an email from the case officer saying that his visa application had been refused because they had not received his documents. Now he realised he did forward the documents… to his own email instead of the immigration’s one. The department of immigration gave him 2 options: go back to Vietnam or appeal the court decision. In panic, he came to us and asked for help. Our consultants advised him to appeal at court. We showed every documents including health and character documents, insurance, transcript, etc. and explained the reasons of his delay. The case officers accepted and after 4 months, they offered him a new visa.


Whenever you send an email, especially those regarding your visa application, remember to check the receiver’s name and check your inbox regularly to notify any announcement, otherwise you would be in big trouble!